Super Trap® Ballistic Media Firing Range

                           ... COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL RANGE TECHNOLOGY:

By using Super Trap® firing range systems, owners can enjoy a number of benefits over historical and outdated range designs.  By eliminating HAZMAT related expenses, increasing training capabilities, and improving the overall quality of the shooting environment, Super Trap® firing range systems represent an economical and durable investment.

When researching various types of bullet traps that exist on the market today, don't forget to factor in typically overlooked "cost" areas.  Ranges sold by STI avoid expensive maintenance cost areas such as: 

  • Replacement Parts
    Does the shooting range require future replacement parts and expensive labor to repair those parts such as a rubber covering.
  • Cost of Electricity 
    Does the firing range depend on electricity to run.
  • Cost of Mechanical Parts
    Does the shooting range require specific HVAC equipment that breaks down often, incorporates costly labor to repair and pose a significant risk of unscheduled downtime.
  • Cost of HAZMAT Waste 
    Does the bullet trap equipment produce hazardous liquid waste or lead dust that spreads to the surrounding area including the firing line, the neighboring property or underground water tables.  
Table A below summarizes the key issues and cost areas involving various range technologies and how they compare: 


Type of Range Backstop






Ammo Recycling

Safe Tactical Shooting 

 Reduces   Noise

Levels (*)







No No Yes Yes Yes No
Steel  Yes Yes No No No No
Dirt Berm Yes Yes No No Yes No
Sand Yes Yes No No Yes No
Curtain  Yes Yes (1) No No (2)  Yes(3) Yes
Sheet Covered  Yes Yes (1) No Yes Yes(3) Yes
Rubber Block Yes Yes (1) No No Yes(3) Yes

(Note: red answers above represent a significantly higher cost or reduced benefit)


(1) the EPA classifies rubber sheets and blocks that have lead fragments embedded in them as hazardous waste, and therefore must be disposed of in accordance with expensive EPA & RCRA procedures.  Ballistic Rubber Media is continually used on the range backstop even after a lead recycling process is performed.

(2) initially, the Ballistic Curtain can be used in a tactical manner for a brief time until the Curtain wears out and needs to be replaced.

(3) Curtain and sheet covered traps are better than steel for reducing noise; however loose porous ballistic media exceeds the sound absorption of rubber sheets, curtains or blocks. 


(*) Sound on a firing range comes from three separate areas.  First, there is the report of the gun on the firing line.  Secondly, the bullet strikes the range backstop and, finally, there are  sound waves that pass down range (from the muzzle) hit the backstop, and based on the type of backstop there, either get reduced or bounce back toward the firing line to create an accumulative echo effect.  (This effect is significantly magnified on indoor firing ranges).

ELIMINATE HAZMAT EXPENSES with A Super Trap® bullet trap backstop:


Disposing of HAZMAT related range materials is very expensive.  While typically trash that is disposed of can cost anywhere from $.03 per lb. to more than $.52 per lb., HAZMAT materials must be dealt with at approximately $51.00 per lb.  Failure to dispose of it properly or involve HAZMAT certified personnel can open the range owner up to liability and penalties far more excessive than those maintenance fees. In some cases the range owner can be shut down for pollution and/or negligence reasons.  

In addition to be designed for tactical training that helps to save officer's lives, the Super Trap® shooting range system incorporates features that prevent HAZMAT maintenance and waste related costs.   

GENERAL SAVINGS with A Super Trap® tactical shooting range:


With the Super Trap® firing range backstop, a range owner can save money by eliminating issues in the following areas: 

Hazardous waste compliance  
Hazardous waste disposal   
Extended firing range down time (due to HAZMAT cleanup) 
Employee health issues  
Employee related liability from potential lawsuits
Health related liability insurance
Government agency assessments, fines and penalties

Bullets recovered from Super Trap® Backstop Systems and Hot Boxes are easily recovered for recycling. The minimal lead separation facilitates higher metal recovery rates compared to other trap designs.  

OTHER INTRINSIC BENEFITS with A Super Trap® firing range:


With the Super Trap® firing range backstop, a range owner can save in the following areas: 

Increased ability to recycle ammunition - 

Super Trap® firing range backstops minimize fragmentation and ricochets from all rounds fired.  The rubber media is free of steel chord that can cause fired rounds to disintegrate. These features enable more ammo to be collected for recycling and creates a small, yet additional source of income.

Increased ability to lease time to other groups - 

The tactical abilities of the Super Trap® firing range system enable private owners to lease time to local and regional law enforcement agencies thereby generating additional cash flow. 

Increased ability to arrange for grants or lease financing - 

Super Trap® bullet containment products are constructed in part from premium recycled materials.  Some federal agencies put a precedence on recycled building materials in determining grant funding.  Below are some areas to start with for attaining a law enforcement related grant:  

TYPICAL ANNUAL COSTS SAVINGS with A Super Trap® shooting range:


By using Super Trap® shooting range systems, these are the estimated yearly cost savings you can look forward to, based upon approximately 2.5 million rounds annually:  


The premium ballistic rubber from Super Trap® is reused on the backstop while the lead is sent a smelter or recycler.  There is no HAZMAT contamination when using a Super Trap® firing range backstop. 


  1. Eliminate Hazardous Material Remediation 
    Estimated cost savings: $40-50K

  2. Recycle Expended Lead Bullets
    Estimated revenue: $6K 

    (based on 2.5 million rounds fired; depending on vendor used for mining purposes and location of range) 

    Total Annual Savings: Approx $46K - $56K 


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