At Super Trap, Inc. (STI) it is our mission to:

Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all weapon shooters, spectators and range personnel.

Provide a superior product at a fair market price.

Provide a superior standard of ethical and professional

business dealings unequaled in the industry.

Provide a continuous customer relationship, a friendly

atmosphere and a quality service approach to all our clientele.


President's Message:


The Super Trap®  tactical range backstop system has allowed shooters to advance to the target without fear of injury and engage the target much like “real” life threatening combat situations. This capability has resulted in enhanced training for police departments and military personnel. I believe our backstops will, and possibly may have already, saved lives through improved training.


Since the inception of the Rubber Backstop industry, there has been controversy generated from a few obvious sources attacking the rubber backstop concept. These same companies are attacking the validity of the rubber trap concept while, ironically, at the same time trying to sell customers their own versions of rubber backstops undeniably patterned after the Super Trap®  design, or steel traps that are expensive to maintain. Personally, if I thought my concept was safer and superior to all I would not also offer what I believed to be an inferior alternative product.


In regards to our STI personnel, I expect nothing less than the following of a STI Representative:

That he/she represent our company in an ethical and professional manner at all times.

That he/she demonstrates the features and benefits of our backstop system in order to satisfy your needs and desires.

That he/she shows/provides you with our entire client list and encourages you to inspect several installed Super Trap® systems.

That he/she affords you the opportunity to speak privately to Range Masters at client sites in order that you will feel comfortable asking them “hardball” questions.

That he/she never demeans or denigrates the competition or their products.

. . . and finally, that he/she encourages you to look at all available backstop alternatives on the market. 

I believe that when a salesperson demeans another product, it is apparent to all concerned he/she believes in their heart he/she is representing an inferior product.  I also expect our sales representatives to inform you, because of the cost involved, to consider the concept of “Price vs. Cost”, and to encourage you to consider all available alternatives so you will make an informed and confident decision in regards to which backstop is the best on the market today. 

I am confident that you will discover, as have a rapidly growing list of clients, that the best tactical firing range backstop solution is a Super Trap® system


I would appreciate any correspondence from you if these expectations are not met.




Art Fransen

President & CEO


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