GSA Schedule Items:

Below are the current GSA Schedule items being offered by Super Trap, Inc. As time permits we will be adding other products to this list. Also, you can click on the GSA logo below to go to their site where you can search for our products via our contract number: GS-07F-0259T

Super Trap® Clearing Boxes

Super Trap® Clearing Boxes are the ideal solution for clearing your pistols or rifles. They may also be safely used for other tasks such as test firing weapons by Armorers, for ballistic pattern testing, etc. The Super Trap® Clearing Box is the ideal multi-purpose clearing box in any situation where firearms need to be safely loaded or unloaded. It safely contains all accidental and/or negligent discharges, and reduces liabilities associated with conventional clearing stations. Super Trap® Hot Boxes eliminate harmful ricochet projectiles or lead splatter. The CB-100 is capable of handling up to 1,200 rounds of pistol projectiles up to and including .454 Casull before being cleaned and reused. The CB-150 can accommodate up to 3,000 rounds of rifle projectiles up to and including .460 Weatherby Magnum before being cleaned and reused.

We offer two (2) sizes of Clearing Boxes which accommodate the large majority of small arms. The CB-100 is the Pistol Clearing Box and the CB-150 is the Rifle Clearing Box. Also offered on the schedule at this time are replacement faces should they ever be needed. The CB-150 is shown here for reference purposes:

Super Trap®

Pistol and Rifle Tactical Targets

Super Trap® Pistol and Rifle Tactical Targets are the ideal live-fire tactical training target. Super Trap® Tactical Targets provide the shooter with ideal tactical training envelope of movements; they can be shot at close distances including point blank range without fear of bullets ricocheting! The Super Trap® Tactical Targets are typically deployed in-and-around live-fire houses to act as the primary point of impact for training fire. Using Super Trap® Tactical Targets helps to save and protect the live-fire house's perimeter walls from excessive ballistic impact damage, thereby reducing overall long-range costs for facility repairs and maintenance. The Super Trap® Pistol Tactical Targets are rated for all conventional handgun ammunition up to 2,000 fps. The Super Trap® Rifle Tactical Targets are rated for all conventional rifle ammunition up to 7.62X51mm NATO; ball only. Super Trap® Tactical Targets are supplied with wheels mounted on the base to facilitate easy positioning within the range and storage. The Super Trap® Tactical Targets have the advantage of being quickly and easily disassembled without tools. Additionally, the Super Trap® Tactical Targets are equipped with a replaceable permeable membrane face as well as a removable/reusable Expended Projectile Collection Tray at the bottom of the target area that captures the spent projectiles to facilitate cleaning and lead recycling.


Super Trap® Forced Entry Ram

The Super Trap® Forced Entry Ram (FER) is no recently concocted device. The product photo we use here of the FER is not of a new ram, but a photograph of a ram that is the proven combat veteran of over 1,000 hostile entries with the LA County Sheriff’s department SWAT Team. This ram is easy to use yet delivers the optimal force to accomplish the task at hand with ease.


Super Trap® Ballistic Rubber Tiles

Super Trap®  Ballistic Rubber Tiles (BRT)’s offer significant performance attributes when compared to other rubber tiles used in shooting range environments.  The STI BRT’s can be easily applied on walls, baffles, ceilings and floors.  The STI BRT’s facilitate the capture of errant bullets to prevent ricochets and lead splash-back, thereby eliminating or reducing injury to personnel and drastically reducing lead dust.  STI BRT’s also contribute to attenuation of noise levels … a feature especially demonstrated on indoor ranges.  The STI BRT tiles are supplied in 2 foot squares that can be cut and trimmed to fit. When ordering, please specify desired color: black, red or green. NOTE: To improve lighting conditions on indoor ranges, some indoor range owners choose a high percentage of red tiles.


Super Trap®

Ballistic Rubber Media (BRM)

Super Trap®  Ballistic Rubber Media (BRM) is a premium grade pure SBR chunk rubber recycled to meet Super Trap’s® strict specifications to be 100% free of steel chording and 99.99% free of any and all fiber cording, by weight, that could normally allow fires to ignite. The chunk rubber has an average nominal size of 1” to 1.5” and is larger than typical granulated rubber. It has been extensively tested against calibers, loads, and climates. (NOTE: The GSA price is per pound with a 10,000 lb minimum; 1.3 million pound maximum.)



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