An Officer can safely train in the tactical zone.


Q:  In what way is the *Super Trap® Backstop System safer for shooters?

A:  The Super Trap® Shooting Range System eliminates the problem of bullet ricochets and airborne lead from bullet fragmentation by instantly and safely capturing the bullets whole.

Q:  Our Departmental range is an old steel trap in the basement of our Police Department. There is not much room. What if I don't have enough space for the standard Super Trap footprint?

A:  STI often custom builds Super Traps to facilitate the Clients needs and custom fits a Super Trap into their range site. STI has never inspected a range site that STI could not improve and make far more safer to shoot for all the officers on the department thereby limiting the Departments liability as a result of accidents.

Q.  According to FBI statistics police officer shootings most often occur between 2 to 12 feet. Our Police Department would like to have a range we can shoot close to accommodate real life scenarios in field police work. Can your Super Trap be shot at from these distances without fear of injury from ricochets or lead and copper jacket material bouncing back at the shooter?

A:  YES!!! This is the primary reason the Super Trap firing range system was developed: To enhance the training of police and military personnel, therefore better preparing them for "real life" scenarios.  This type of "tactical" training would ultimately as an end result, help "save their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Q:  In what way is the Super Trap® Backstop System environmentally safer for shooters?


A: The Super Trap® Firing Range System all but eliminates the problem of air-borne lead dust and ground water lead since bullets are captured and contained within the rubber media. Range personnel at new Super Trap® shooting ranges may breathe easy, confident that their health is not being threatened by air-borne lead dust. Through advanced engineering and design, the Super Trap® firing range system virtually eliminates hazardous lead dust, which translates to NO major HAZMAT clean up.


A photograph of a 30mm projectile captured whole by a Super Trap shooting range trap system.


Q:  In what way is the Super Trap ®  firing range system better for training and general shooting purposes?

A:  The Super Trap® firing range system allows officers to train within the "tactical area" of 2-12' from the range backstop...much like real world situations for law enforcement.  Besides offering everything a traditional firing range offers, the Super Trap® shooting range backstop prevents ricochets and is much quieter than steel traps and sheet covered firing range systems.

Q:  In what way is the construction of the Super Trap® Backstop System superior to other manufacturer’s backstops?

A:  Super Trap® Backstop systems are constructed of superior quality materials and tailored to suit your needs. The Super Trap® infrastructure is an all-metal, galvanized steel design.  The Hopper/Deflection Baffle is structurally designed with the best quality Armored Steel.  Additionally, the frame system has the ability to be dis-assembled should you ever have to relocate your range backstop.

Q:  Are the materials you use in the Super Trap® Backstop System safe from catching fire?

A:  The rubber media is recycled pure SBR Super Trap® rubber free of fiber contaminates and steel cords that could normally allow fires to ignite. Government tests deliberately tried to ignite the treated media using extremely flammable chemicals in incendiary ammunition and they could not start a fire.

U.S. Government tests included firing several belts of incendiary ammunition from a M2 .50 caliber BMG into Super Trap ballistic media to ensure that it would not catch fire. 


Q:  Why don’t the bullets damage or chop up the rubber media in the Super Trap®?

A:  The bullets in flight push a small wave of high pressure ahead of them that pushes the surface rubber out of the way as they enter the media. In this way the media envelops the bullet to stop it, preventing a good deal of damage that might otherwise be done.

A high-speed photo showing the waves of air turbulence that surround a bullet in flight. 

Q:  Can I get some sort of quick and easy estimate about how much it would cost to install a Super Trap® Backstop System on my range?

A:  Every range is unique in some way, if not in many ways. In order to perform an accurate estimate, it takes an interactive exchange of some information so that we may demonstrate how STI can best address your needs.


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