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The Independent Third Party Lead Contamination Field Study.

An Independent Marine Corps Study on Controlling Lead on Firing Ranges.

The Price Our Founders Paid for Our Freedom.

The National Anthem by Isaac Asimov (AKA The Star Spangled Banner, a great speech by the world's best science fiction writer).

The Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution of the United States of America; including amendments.

The Bill of Rights of the United States.

Federalist Papers - all.  (These are the articles published arguing for passage of the original Bill of Rights.)

Patrick Henry’s Speech – “Give me liberty, or give me death  …”.

The American’s Creed with explanatory text.

The Marine’s Creed “This is my rifle …”.

The Gettysburg Address.

Video story of Rick Monday stopping 2 low-lifes from burning the flag in Dodger Stadium.

The Art of War (Sun Tzu - From the 6th Century BC manuscript. The "no frills" Guttenburg version).

The Five Rings (17th Century Samurai Warrior’s Book. Also from the Guttenburg).

Bologna Sandwich. Another essay concerning American Freedom.

A Letter Home From the Civil War.

The Six Articles of the Code of Conduct.

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